OffshoreUAS is a leader in Unmanned Systems Training. Our professional instructors are military and commercially trained aviators.  Our skilled instructors teach Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced UAS flight techniques to departments within the US Government. OffshoreUAS, customer base includes both the US Army, US Navy, and Law Enforcement. 


Offshore Aviation's Department of Defense Training Facility is located in Piney Point Maryland. The site include a 2200 acre forward operating area, 90 acre campus with class rooms, lodging and dining facilities, and maritime training center. OffshoreUAS also conducts training around the globe and is recognized as a leader in commercial UAS applications.

OffshoreUAS Drone Sales


OffshoreUAS handles sales and support for Offshore Aviation's family of Unmanned Aerial Systems including the OA-4 Spirit, OA-6 Mantis, and OA-8B Dragon. OffshoreUAS provides payload integration and product support. No matter the payload or the application, OffshoreUAS can build a solution that will work for you.


OffshoreUAS Services

OffshoreUAS is a provider of LIDAR survey, photogrammetry and 3D mapping services. Our professional crews deploy the latest Routescene Lidar Pods and Offshore Aviation OA-8Bs anywhere in the world.

OffshoreUAS Field Ready

OffshoreUAS pilots are the best trained in the industry. Our military training allows us to deploy our systems and provide the best results in the industry. Our state of the art equipment makes OffshoreUAS your go to LIDAR professionals.

OffshoreUAS Global Reach

Contact us today to receive a quote on deploying an OffshoreUAS crew anywhere in the world your survey needs to happen. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right.



The OA-4 Spirit is a low cost, 3D mapping, quad system. Its role is that of photogrammetry and emulates the handling characteristics of our larger drones OA-8B series of aircraft. 


The OA-6 Mantis is 4K HD Film/Video UAS system with raised arms for keeping prop-arcs out of the camera field of view. This platform is ideal for commercial production and photographic survey.


The OA-8B is a Heavy Lift multi-rotor aircraft designed for the US Army Corps of Engineers. This LIDAR survey drone is ADS-B compliant and accompanied by ground control and LiDAR viewing products developed by Routescene Ltd.

About OffshoreUAS



OffshoreUAS is a subsidiary of Offshore Aviation. In 2016 OffshoreUAS teamed with the Unmanned Safety Institute as a partner academy to offer training to not only our pilots and staff but meet the needs of the entire industry. Our USI training program & certification have been adopted by some of the world’s largest government organizations and commercial enterprises.

In  2018, the US Army chose OffshoreUAS to train pilots on the newly acquired OA-4 Spirit and OA-8B Dragon LiDAR platforms.

Our approach to UAS safety is deeply rooted in our background of traditional manned aviation and the “time-honored aviation safety practices” that have made military and commercial aviation the safest mode of transport. As an Argus Rated Operator, our clients have the security of knowing each flight is conducted under safety guidelines set forth by the most recognized and trusted safety analyst in the aviation industry.


We think safe. We fly safe. Every flight. Every time. That is why the US Army considers OffshoreUAS a leader in UAS training.

OffshoreUAS Land and Maritime Training

OffshoreUAS has operations in the Mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast. Training events occur around the country. Our facilities support Land and Maritime training across a wide spectrum of Unmanned System Types including the Offshore Aviation family of multi-rotor UAS, Insitu ScanEagle, and Raytheon Coyote.


OffshoreUAS offers Basic, Intermediate, Advanced training in accordance with DoD and FAA Part 107 standards in exclusive use airspace IAW FAA FARs.


Our customers include Public Safety Agencies, Government Contractors, Emergency Management, Insurance Adjusters, and the Commercial Business Operator. If your company is in need of UAS integration, custom airframe design, or remote pilot training we can get you off the ground.

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